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Glenn Hughes, 1947 Stinson 108-3
EAA Chapter 297, Burgaw, NC
Photos line one wall in the chapter club room. 5x7 frames are from Walmart. Photos ordered thru Picasa and picked up at the Walgreen's drugstore just down the street.
This shows how the photos were labeled using 3/8" black on white tape.
Jack Ryan, Pitts S-1A. Jack is our resident Marine, currently serving his third tour in Afghanistan.
Our man Jack Ryan in Afganistan. This would appear to be opening day of deer season.
Jack has just given the General some advice on how to win the war. The General appears to be itching to give it a try.
The general has left, and it appears he took the razors with him.
Jack departing the local saloon at three in the morning.
The Breezy was a chapter project in the early and mid 70's.
Here's the Breezy posing in front of the chapter hangar, which was a WWII relic eventually torn down to make room for the new terminal at ILM. And that's when 297 found a new home at Stag Air Park.
And here's another chapter project. This one a Monnett-designed Monerai sailplane donated to the chapter by Dave McInnis. Photo taken 7/15/2000.
And yet another chapter project. This one, a half scale Wright Flyer, was built in 2002 for the Centennial of Flight. It hangs in the atrium at the Wilmington International Airport. Built by chapter members Ray Benton, Lew Dunn, Jack Grigsby, John Jeffreys, Glenn Morre, Tony Spicer, John Whitehead, Milt Smith and Ken Heintz.
Doc Perritt and his P-51K in Hsian, China, spring 1945. Doc wasn't even a doc yet!
Doc Perritt, 1964 Smith Miniplane, sold.
Doc Perritt, Starduster II, sold. That's son John in the photo.
Doc Perritt, Monnett Moni motorglider, sold.
Doc Perritt, GlaStar. Sold to Ed Brown.
Doc Perritt, 2003 RV-6
Doc Perritt, Glasair. Doc was at Hooters eating wings and drinking beer when I stopped by to take this photo.
Sheldon Koesy, Stits Flut-r-bug, sold
Sheldon Koesy, 90 hp Reed Clip Wing Cub, sold
Sheldon Koesy, Pietenpol
Rotorway Jet Exec, Gary Abrigo. Gary elected to not use the store-bought jet conversion and did it himself.
Ken Mcgee, Robinson R-44. That's Frank Robinson, Mr. Helicopter, on the right.
Ken McGee, Rotorway Exec
Back in the day, John Jeffreys collected Grumman's. These are a pair of TR-2's.
John Jeffreys, Z Max, sold. Z is for Zenoah engine.
John Jeffreys, Z HiMax, sold. Z is for Zenoah engine.
John Jeffreys, S Max, sold. S is for Subaru EA-81 power.
John Jeffreys, plans built, all wood, Szekely Flying Dutchman. And since there were no full-scale plans available, John scaled up a set of R/C plans.
Randy Allen, Stearman PT-17, sold
Randy Allen, 1946 J-3 Cub
Gary Sigvaldsen, 1946 Globe GC-1B
Becky and "Bones" Plunkett showing off their new Stag Air Park mosquito abatement equipment.
Charlie Plunkett's Harley. Rumor has it that the 115hp Harley is faster than his 180 hp RV-8.
Vernon Pitts, RV-4
Tony Spicer, Skyraider, sold
Tony Spicer, plans built Sonex.
Tony Spicer, RV-3B
Jimmy Miller, Skybolt
Jimmy Miller, RV-7
Jimmy Miller, RANS S-7
Tommy Newkirk, RV-6A
Tommy Gore, Thorp T-18, sold
Tommy Gore, Taylorcraft Model 15A "Tourist"
Wayne Kiser, Stinson 108-3
Ray Benton, Aeronca Defender
Ed Brown, Weedhopper, sold. Ed learned to fly in this aircraft. Note that it is single-seat.
Ed Brown, CGS Hawk, sold
Ed Brown, C-150, sold
Ed Brown, GlaStar. Bought from Doc Perritt and repainted. Sold.
Ed Brown, Zodiac 601 XL, sold
Ed Brown, Legend Cub. Finally a keeper!
Ed Brown, DOVA Skylark
Billy Johnson, BD-5, sold. That's Glenn Moore with hair doing the taxiing.
Billy Johnson, plans-built Trojan, sold. This is a four place David Thurston design, now called the Seafire. This particuliar aircraft was the first customer built Trojan to fly. And Billy is well along on yet another Seafire.
Billy's Trojan doing the water thing.
Billy Johnson, plans built Wagabond. How much white and maroon paint does he have?
Billy Johnson displays the instrument panel for his second Seafire (aka Trojan)
Glenn Hughes, Luscombe. And the landing was a greaser.
Glenn Hughes, 1947 Stinson 108-3
Glenn Hughes, RV-8
Bill Mathis and Mike Corn, C-195
Bill Mathis, C-140A
Garry Brown, plans built RV-4
Martin Hamm, RV-4
Jim Longley, RANS S-7
Mark Thoman, Citabria
Glenn Morre, plans built Piel Emeraude, sold.
Glenn Moore, plans built Vari-Eze, sold.
Glenn Moore, plans built Ryan ST-R, sold. Yes, folks, plans-built. For the whole story, have a look:
Glenn Moore, Moronca. Scratch built wing, modified Champ fuselage, RV-4 tailwheel.
Marvin Trott, Taylorcraft L-2. Marvin has owned this aircraft for 30 years, and finished a complete restoration in 1999.
Marvin Trott, RV-8
Marvin Trott, just back from a motivational ride in Charlie Plunkett's RV-8. Marvin left the field immediately to return to his RV-8 project. Must have liked the ride!
Dave La Buda, RANS S-7. Recently repowered with a Rotax 912.
Karen Ellison, Stinson 108
Phil Ellison, C-170
Jim Flippin, Champ
Chris Schmitt, RV-9A
Jack Grigsby, RV-6A, sold
Rachael Clark, RV-7A
Giles Clark, RV-6. This RV has been to Alaska:
Giles Clark, Citabria
Shannon Coleman & Tim Turner, Citabria
Jack Parks, C-180. AKA Hangar Queen.
Harry McLamb, Starlite
Don Rhodes, Champ
Tom Goodwin, Grumman AA-5. Sold.
Tom Goodwin, Tiger AG-5B
Sam McGowan, Lancair ES
Mark Verrill, RV-10
Wade Allen, RV-10
Mike Connolly, RV-8A
Glenn Hughes, 1947 Stinson 108-3
Dec 17, 2008
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